Title Services

Exceeding Expectations

Along with all the other services we have under our roof is the convenience of our own title company. Omega Title Agency, LLC rounds out our legal and real estate services to our clients.

These title services include:

  • Information systems that are networked together, allowing a seamless sharing of information.
  • Immediate response to title issues due to strong built in relationships with our legal staff.
  • Same day changes to title avoiding unreasonable delays in filing complaints.
  • On-time title delivery by eliminating mailing delays.
  • Central control of title process providing clients with the efficient service they need and deserve.

Title Services The preceding services provide our clients with quick turnaround on Title Commitments as well as Preliminary Judicial Reports, Title Updates, and Owners Policies in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. Getting the title work returned within 24 hours enables us to be well within the approved timelines during the most crucial part of the foreclosure process. This initial step gets everything off on the right foot for the remaining steps in the judicial process.

We go beyond the “reasonable title search” requirement as stipulated by Ohio law to give our clients a full lien search, reducing the risk of title claims.

Our mission is to provide our clients with quick reliable title service backed by a team of dedicated professionals committed to exceeding their expectations. The Omega Title Agency is just one more example of our commitment to providing our clients with the full service approach required to fulfill their needs.

Be sure to become familiar with all of JDC’s services including legal, foreclosure, bankruptcy, title, eviction, loss mitigation, real estate closings and real estate marketing. We are committed to being the best at what we do by providing all of these services under one roof.

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