Real Estate Closing Services

Accurate and On Time

Real Estate Closing Services At JDC, team effort puts a real estate closing together accurately and on time. Our law firm and our title company, Omega Title, team up to provide real estate closings throughout all of Ohio’s 88 counties.

Our goal is to clear the title early in the marketing process to complete a sale with no delays. Upon receipt of an order, Omega Title immediately begins a title search which is returned in ten days or less.

Our legal and title teams work with our client’s office to ensure that the title is clear, the property is properly vested and that all taxes, assessments or other dues payable are paid current. We process this information to meet everyone’s time schedule.

We provide the Seller’s Side of the HUD-1 so that it will be approved no later than two business days prior to closing. Proceeds are delivered no later than one business day from the date of closing along with the final HUD-1.

Creative solutions are part of the everyday operations here at JDC. Take the time to learn more about out legal, foreclosure, bankruptcy, title, eviction, loss mitigation, real estate closings and real estate marketing. It’s our edge and our client’s advantage.

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