Loss Mitigation Services

Minimizing the Damage

Loss Mitigation Services Years of experience have taught us that a property foreclosure action can often be avoided and should be if at all possible. Frankly, foreclosure means everyone involved stands to lose.

JDC understands this situation and we are equipped and experienced to meet the needs of our clients to mitigate the effect of this no-win situation. Our experience in the mortgage business tells us that a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure or a forbearance arrangement can save our clients time and money and help the borrower stay in their home. We are prepared to assist our clients in the swift completion of such agreements so that either the payment of the debt can begin again or the property can be available for resale.

JDC takes a proactive approach to loss mitigation. For example, in contested matters, it is our policy to contact opposing counsel to open a dialogue that in many cases results in a quick and amicable resolution of the foreclosure. Our staff is prepared to handle debtor inquiries and to quickly deliver to our clients both pay off and reinstatement requests originating from the debtors or their counsel.

Familiarization with all the processes involved in mortgage foreclosures makes us uniquely qualified to negotiate loss mitigation. Be sure to become familiar with all of our services including legal, foreclosure, bankruptcy, title, eviction, real estate closing and real estate marketing.

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